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FUN, FAST & AFFORDABLE          10 min = 1 hr jogging!

Discover the fitness secret of celebrities, sports & Olympic teams and the NASA space program! Burn fat, lose weight, tighten and tone, boost collagen and smooth wrinkles. Improve chronic pain and injuries, build bone density and muscle, improve mood and energy & so much more. Receive $100.00 off the purchase price of the most new and amazing fitness machine on the market. Premium oscilating & linear motion with solid steel construction. Excellent for business or home use.
About Oasis
I'm Elisabeth Szenyi, owner of Oasis Health & Beauty. We have passion for providing services that promote a healthy lifestyle...
Our Services
Our services include vibration fitness, massage, ear candling, infrared sauna & whirlpool - all conducted by a certified therapist...
Vibration Fitness
Learn more about this new, innovative and fun exercise machine including benefits, history, & famous people who use it...
Get information about how vibration fitness can aid the aging boomer population by helping with arthritis, injuries and much more...

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